Outright Purchase Water Purification Products



Evopure Free Standing


Water distribution protected against
bacteria that could contaminate the water.
Integrated cups dispenser
Capacity : 100 cups of 20 cl



Evopure Table Top

Small but more efcient than the floor standing model,
this table top water cooler also benefciates of an internal draining.
Direct chilled with ice bank system.
Separated refrigeration circuit and water circuit.
Hermetic compressor.
Ventilated condenser.
R134 A gas without CFC’s.






Economical and reliable,
the Junior Classic D40  is compactly
designed with a great efficiency of 40L/
hour of cold fresh water.




Oasis FS


Point-of-Use Coolers
The industry’s only cooler with the revolutionary
Pressure Vessel Direct Chill (PVDC) system.
A stylish, modern design.
Model : P1PVK (Cook N’ Cold™) / P1PVHS (Hot N’ Cold™)
/ P1PVHSK (Hot N’ Cold™ with Green Filter )







An economical and effective POU cooler dispensing safe,
clean drinking water for the workplace without
the hassle of bottles. Ideal for small ofces and factories,
the WL2000 uses direct chill point-of-dispense
technology to cool water directly from the mains supply.
Our carbon fltration system means it tastes
beautiful too so quality and safety are guaranteed.
Capacity Hot tank: 1.5 liters (0.396 US gal.)





Mithia FS


Mithia is the ultimate water dispenser.
Very Low power consumption and coiled exchanger guarantees miximum level of hygiene.
The integrated cup-dispenser with 100 glasses capacity.
The hot water option at 95° only by pressing the two security keys simultaneously in order to avoid your children to incur in any danger.