About Us

Our Story

We pioneered in bringing the first European fully automatic Office Coffee and Beverage dispenser to Singapore in the 90's. This was done after conducting an extensive three-year search from the resource centre of the Trade Development Board of Singapore.

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Our Mission

Our decades of extensive technical research in equipment and our overseas partnership in the supply knowledge of key ingredients enable both quality and consistency in our products.

The company highly values initiative and integrity, which cultivates dependable human resource. With a team that embodies these values, we aim to achieve zero downtime and ensure minimal disruption to our users.

Our Partners

Due to our rapid growth, in 2007 we entered a joint venture with Wipf Beteiligungen AG, a Swiss registered company, which has complemented our existing vending business. The new formation will continue to enhance our position in the Office Coffee Service (OCS) market as well as open up new business frontiers.

Our Clients

Our clienteles in Singapore range from statutory boards, government-linked companies, to multi-national companies across diverse industries, such as the banking, auditing and petro-chemical fields. Many of our clients continue to enjoy our reliable products and dedicated services – some have been loyal customers since our establishment, while others for over 10 years.