Our Strengths

toasted coffee bean

From acclaimed Europe’s Best Coffee Roaster

Espresso – Strong, Fruity, Dark Roast

A sophisticated espresso that leaves a silky mouth feel, this rich and dark roasted 100% Arabica coffee has a strong flavour and good balance of sweetness and fruit acidity.

Leonardo Espresso – Strong, Aromatic, Medium to Dark Roast

A medium to dark roast blend of South America, Africa Arabica beans with traces of Asia Robusta beans, this Italian espresso offers a thick crema. Blended with milk, this beverage is also a wonderful base for Lattes, Flat Whites and Cappuccino.

Bourbon – Medium to Strong, Aromatic, Dark Roast

This dark roasted 100% Arabica beans from Central, South America and Asia offers a rich body, distinctive sweetness with strong dark chocolate flavours and an excellent after taste.

Santos Java – Medium, Flavourful, Medium Roast

A great blend of Brazilian Santos beans and Indonesia Java beans, this medium roasted coffee delivers a good body with a wonderful combination of sweetness, wild earth flavours and tones of spice and chocolate.

Chocolate with cocoa bean

From the World’s Largest Cocoa Manufacturer


This premium chocolate beverage boasts a velvety texture and works great with KnightWell beverage machines.


A mild and milky chocolate treat with a lovely foam that suits all taste buds, this delicious beverage delivers the perk straight from your coffee and beverage machine.


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