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KnightWell has carved a name for itself in the automated coffee vending machine service sector.

Our customer base speaks for itself, from education institutions to big corporates to government bodies.

KnightWell seeks to foster trust and provide quality services to our esteemed customers through efficient and cost-effective vending services.

Through KnightWell’s coffee vending machine, customers get to enjoy premium coffee bean that is freshly brewed through our automated bean to cup coffee vending machines.

Vending customers can also look forward to a hot cup of aromatic coffee while avoiding the hassle of replenishment and maintenance of the vending machines as it is part of the KnightWell’s vending service package.

Furthermore, customers will be delighted to find that our vending machine offers customers with variety of choices other than coffee. We allow customers to customise their selection of drinks, from Mocca to Hot Chocolate to Green Tea, it’s your choice.