Water Coolers

Introduction of ASTROBOY?

As a smart countertop RO system, Astroboy is especially designed for homes, offices, restaurants, and shops use. It is the most delightful RO system invention of 21 century. Astroboy not only brings you 100% pure clean water, but with a multi-function tank, you can enjoy pure clean water wherever you are anytime you want it.
1. Smart Control System

Build-in Smart microprocessor control system.
Complete 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter system.
Build-in high capacity booster pump.
Extremely versatile RO system.


• 315mm x 275mm x 140mm (H x W x D)
• Weighs approximately 4.7kg
• Stainless Steel Outlet Hose

3. Easy to maintenance

Auto shut-off when no feed water comes in.
Self-cleaning procedure to automatic flushing membrane. (every 8hrs)
Quick-connect fitting for easy maintenance.

4. Portale water dispenser

Versatile /Portable water storage tank fits any bottle water dispenser.
Best Travel Companion.
Wide Application: Countertop / Outdoor / Motor home / Boat

Introduction of Ionized Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Ionized Water is designed especially for homes, providing water for everyday use. The pH level can be easily adjusted to offer different types of water like Alkaline water, Purified water and Acidic Water. The machine functions on periodic internal cleaning automatically. Advantages of Alkaline Calcium Ionized Water include Slowing down aging, Improving elasticity of the skin. Advantage of Drinking Purified Water includes Keeping normal body temperature. Advantages of Acidic Ionized Water include Beautifying the face and skin, Cleansing to better health.
1. About Product
  • Water Ionizer JA-503
  • Made in USA
  • Flowing Rate: 5.0L/Minute
2.Key Features

• Choices of water: Alkaline water, normal Purified water & Acidic water
• Includes internal cleaning function
• Stylish Upright Look with Full Electronic LED Panel
• Easy to understand LCD Indicator

3. Specifications

• 315mm x 275mm x 140mm (H x W x D)
• Weighs approximately 4.7kg
• Stainless Steel Outlet Hose

4. Benefits

• Improves skin elasticity and slows down aging process
• Keep body temperature cool
• Neutralize and flush acid waste from body